SME Website (Small & Medium Business Sites)

Starting with the research phase, where we analyze your business, company, objectives, mission, products, services, market demand, targeted audience and budget, we move forward to create the customized mockup with a logical data flow. If you’re operating a small business, understanding your competitors is necessary to understand the requirements of your end-users.

No matter how common your business is or how strong your competitors are, if you can present everything in a user-specific meaningful way, your audience will set you apart from the competition.

Small businesses and startups do not work the same way as large enterprises. This is the reason we separated the entire methodology from the mid-sized / large businesses. The websites shouldn’t be same either. It takes special efforts to know what functionality to add to the SME sites. We understand that these companies only focus on growth phase. To ensure your start up goals, we customize our website building methodologies as these sites will not be static. In addition, we integrate product sites to powerful e-commerce stores and extensions.

  • One to multiple page template
  • Stunning Theme
  • Consistent Color Scheme
  • Smart Form Functionality
  • All the technical aspects
  • Budget friendly
  • B2B and Financial sites